Mile-high ‘noodly line’ rising from seafloor off Alaska’s Aleutian Islands leads to discovery of gas seep

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Anchorage Daily News reports, "A mysterious “noodly line” has been discovered rising from the seafloor off Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, like a giant finger reaching toward the surface, according to NOAA Ocean Exploration.

"It’s at least a mile high and about 1,640 feet in diameter, researchers say.

"The rope-like column was detected by multibeam sonar and originates from a point at least 1.4 miles deep, along the Aleutian Trench, NOAA says.

"What is it?

"Gas bubbles. Lots and lots of gas bubbles.

“'The noodly line was actually created by our multibeam sonar sound pulses bouncing off bubbles,' a May 15 NOAA field report said.

“'Bubbles are indicative of gasses seeping up through the seafloor, and indeed, we had found ourselves a gas seep!'”

How much does this affect our climate? Read more about this methane leak.

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