Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials? Nothing we can say about ourselves is as valuable as what others say about GoGardenNow. Here are some comments we've received.

Beautiful healthy plants (ajuga) arrived well packaged. I have purchased numerous plant varieties from Marshall’s Farm and never disappointed. THe others I purchased are thriving, and I expect these latest ones to do the same. Thank you! Richard H., SC

I purchased 25 green and gold plants; planted, they appear to be doing very well. However, I particularly appreciated your very kind, personal thank you note. Such is exceptional in this age. ...thank you for your outstanding support. R.P., VA

Thank you for the card. The plants are planted and were part of my son's Eagle Project at a local church. I definitely will consider doing business again. Michelle G., TX.

The plants arrived in beautiful condition! Thank you! Deborah C., KY

Thanks so much for the excellent customer service John! I hope you have a great day. :) Molly J., NY

I received my vines today. They are beautiful thriving plants. I’m so excited to plant these. I will let you know how it goes. I will be ordering from you in the future I’m certain. Thank you! Leah R. TN

I couldn’t find a way to leave you a review. But I wanted to let you guys know, I really loved my plants, they arrived quickly and neatly packaged. Customer service and ordering process online was absolutely top notch. Thank you for also sending me some tips on how to take care of my plants. Five stars for sure!!! Camilla S., LA

Hi. My ferns and ground cover are beautiful! I’ve already gotten them planted. I’m so happy with the way you all packed them and how quickly they were delivered! All healthy plants. Kathryn N., VA

Good morning, Mr. Marshall! I just wanted to let you know that the plants arrived yesterday evening and they are in great shape! We will be planting them this morning. Thank you for the excellent customer service and you will be hearing from us again. Have a great day. Terri C., MD

Hi John, Our plants arrived today, all in tip-top shape! Thanks so much. More orders next year. Cheers, Anne L. OH

I really enjoyed doing business with you. The Evergold carex I ordered arrived in excellent condition last Wednesday and was planted on Thursday. Your follow-up email to our conversation and then your kind handwritten note as well as the quality of your plants has made me a fan of your business. On April 16 my garden will be part of a neighborhood House and Garden tour that is a fund raiser for our city schools and I will use this opportunity to pass along your name. This spring I planted five Ruby Slippers oakleaf hydrangeas, the dwarf nandina you see in the photo and Kaleidoscope abelia to improve the landscape in this area of my yard. What was needed was a ground cover to lighten this shady bed. The Evergold carex that I purchased from you was just the plant I needed to complete the landscape in a shady area that suffers from excess water when we get a big downpour and is our local deer trail. Ice Dance carex has been a stable in my garden for years and I am constantly urging neighbors, et al. to plant carex instead of liriope. Now Evergold can be added to my list of favorite plants. Wishing you continued success, Nancy S., VA

I received your nice note. Thank you for delivering a high-quality product in good condition. I have a garden path where I will be using dwarf mondo grass to fill in between the steppingstones. After trying the products on offer at Home Depot and Lowes, I was very happy to find your bare root bundles. 250 plants is about all I can plant at one time, but you will be seeing more orders from me. Here in Florida we don’t have to worry much about cold, but is there a point in time that I’ll need to worry about conditions by you? I probably need 3 more orders and I’m going to have a few weekends I can plant due to travel/Thanksgiving. By the way, I found your video on you tube about dividing dwarf mondo gras, which was very helpful and what prompted me to order the bare roof plants. You may want to add a link to that video, and any others you have, on your website. I would also love to see more photos of installed products.  L. U., FL

(We are seldom limited by seasonal conditions, but if at all it's due to summer heat rather than winter cold.)

I wanted to thank you for the great shipment of plants and the nice card you sent. Is there any place in particular we can leave your company a 5 star review. We will definitely be back when we get another ground cover project. David C., AR.

(Yes. You can leave a Google review and also write plant reviews at https://www.gogardennow.com.)

Thank you for the thoughtful thank you note and the outstanding bare root plants. We received the plants yesterday and have them all planted. I just ordered another 120 plants. Frank A., TX.

I was so happy with my last order! Beautiful plants. Thank you. Jennifer P., NC.

I truly love these plants. My "office" faces the garden "rooms." I took a long time deciding on Georgia Blue as a groundcover. I find it difficult focusing on what I should be viewing/doing at my p.c. because I'm drawn to looking out my window at how intense the blue color is all the time...just beautiful. This is when the gardens really don't look that terrific until later in June...I'm so looking forward to planting my next little batch. Marie D., ME.

Great experience! I received my plants quickly; they were in great shape and got more than I ordered even! I really appreciate the personal touch John added to the order, which made me feel good about having ordered online rather than procuring my plants locally like I normally do. (this time my local greenhouse couldn't get enough of what I was looking for at a reasonable price) I highly recommend supporting gogardennow, you won't regret it! Justin S., SC

Hello John, I just want to thank you for having sent healthy and vibrant plants!
They arrived in great shape and they are already thriving! I will certainly buy from you again. Best, L. H., MA

We received the liriope spicata in mid-April just like you promised. They were packaged carefully and looked so healthy. They are now planted on our hillside. If they take off like we hope they will, we will want to buy more. We appreciated your prompt replies. When your handwritten note arrived we were really surprised. What a nice, personal touch in this high-tech world. Thank you for great plants, great communication, and great service! Bob and Debbie O., KY

High quality Acorus plants. All 25 potted plants arrived in excellent condition because of packaging & quick shipping. Very happy customer. Carolyn B., NC

Plants were tightly packed and arrived undamaged and healthy. I already ordered more and will continue to do so. Matthew N., MA

As always the plants arrived perfectly packaged and in great shape. Marc D., AL

Quick delivery. Healthy plants. I’ve ordered... many times without any problems. Highly recommended. John P. GA

Great plants and unbelievably quick service. Ed. W., OK

Hi John, It was such a nice surprise to get your hand-written note regarding my recent purchase. ...The quality of the Acorus is A+++. The plants arrived quickly & in perfect condition. Carolyn B., NC

I have on my desk a thank-you note you sent me two years ago when I ordered some green-and-gold plants (you sent a similar card for a previous order). These cards were such a pleasant surprise. I just wanted to take advantage of this holiday season to thank you for the extra care you take in hand-writing a thank you to your customers, and to wish you happy holidays. The green-and-gold [Chrysogonum] have been spreading nicely in a border in front of the house. Cheers, Dan M., MS.

Just wanted to let you know the ferns arrived today - amazing two day service - and they are in excellent condition. Please feel free to use my experience as a testimonial to the quality and response of your business. If there is a web page you could add this to I would be strongly supportive. Art F., FL

Wow! I wish I knew to contact you before I began this project! Thank you for all if your insight and information. ...Really, I cannot thank you enough!! So insightful and helpful. I truly appreciate it!! Laura K., NJ

The phlox were just delivered and they are gorgeous and healthy! Thanks so much for getting them to me so quickly. Sylvia S., NY

Hi John. Just want you to know I received my order of verbena and it couldn’t have been in any better condition. They are beautiful looking plants and I can’t wait to plant them tomorrow. Thank you so much! Kathy M., VA

Hi, John! I received my order today. Not only was that fast, but the ferns were delivered in excellent condition! Wanted to thank you, and your handwritten card was so nice of you to send. I'll definitely be checking out your website in the future and recommend Go Garden Now to family and friends. I can't wait to plant the ferns...thank you so much!! Kathy B., NJ

Thank you so much for the wonderful service! My plants arrived in mint condition and are happily settled in the ground. Everything looks great. I will definitely be back. Thanks again. I. A., FL

John, I planted he phlox today. We had a freak cold snap and snow squalls yesterday. These were the best packaged flowers I have ever seen! You sure you did not work at UPS ? - Steve S., CT

Hi - had to let you know your beautiful plants arrived safely and just in time for me to put them on the front porch (in shade) and get a lovely nice rain shower - impeccable timing on your part! I so enjoy your handwritten thank-you notes. You hardly ever see one/get one nowadays and - although I don't really need it - I sure do love that you took the time to send it. I remain a devoted customer! Hope you are having a wonderful day - D.W., NC

The plants are in great shape! I have ordered a lot of plants online. Some arrive wilted and either die or don't thrive. Others barely have any roots, and suffer the same fate. But my dwarf mouse-ears from you are WONDERFUL! Such a great root system, lots of foliage, and even flowers. I planted 4 of the five and they look great (kept one out just in case one didn't make it -- but don't think that will be an issue). Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate not only the beautiful plants, but your great customer service. Happy gardening, and stay safe! Barbara F., LA

Hi John. Thanks so much for the emails. This is our first time ordering plants for delivery, so it's nice to know that we're ordering from a real person. I just saw that our order shipped. We're excited to get the creeping raspberry! We're hoping it'll help with some of the erosion that we're seeing on the hill next to our steps. Take care! J.S., PA

I was so delighted to get a personal thank you card from John Marshall after my first order. I was even more delighted when my order arrived so quickly and with beautiful plants so lovingly packaged. This is my Thank You note to you for being there. You will be my go-to online gardening site from now on. I look forward to visiting the blog for information and your site for inspiration and shipping. So great to have found a site I know I can trust. Paula B., LA

I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my plants! They are gorgeous and so healthy. I appreciate them so much and will order more sometime. I live on a fixed income so I have to buy slowly but I will surely be back. M. L., NC

John, the ajuga looks awesome! ...I visited your website and I certainly will [be] buying from you again! You have an awesome selection. Your customer service is exceptional! I really appreciate your ownership and desire to make customers happy! We need more of your type in America. Sam S., TN

The Bath Pinks [Dianthus] showed up today, right on time. Beautiful, healthy plants! What a great treat --- you are very good at what you do!! Thank you, very sincerely, Sheila B., NC.

Hi John! We absolutely love the elfin thyme plants from your nursery. Planted about 2/3 yesterday between stepping stones in our new no-mow yard designed with dogs in mind. 2/3 of yard is pet artificial turf and then the stone path separates turf from cedar mulch. The elfin thyme acts as a natural green transition between the two surfaces. Kim B., IN

It’s always such a pleasure to get my plants from you. I was delighted to find you several years ago. Each year I’ve added a little bit more to my perennial collection. Your plants always arrive beautifully packaged and always do exceptionally well. I hope you and your family are well and enjoying a beautiful spring season despite the issues going on in our country. Many thanks for sharing your talents with me! Lisa J., NC

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ivy and the personal handwritten note. I'll shop with you all again soon! ♥️ Kim C., NC

Hello John. I just received your plants. What a wonderful job with the packaging. Plants were super healthy. Thank you. H. L., TX

Hello...I just received a small refund from you guys. The note said you were able to ship for less than expected, and you sent me the difference. I just wanted to drop you a line and say that really appreciate it! It's so nice to do business with folks that are honest and above board. Thank you! I'll be sure to recommend your store! Michael W., NJ 

We received our 100 yellow daylily bulbs last week and they are now planted. ...Thanks so much. We were thrilled that they came in such a great shape! Leslie J., TX 

I just wanted to say that the Magnus plants were just beautiful. I order a lot of plants over the Internet. Your plants were the healthiest that I have ever ordered. I had to hold them for a week because I needed to prepare a new bed. Your plants did not wilt or shrivel. This is the third day planted and all are standing up perfectly. I will definitely order more items from you!! Diane P., WI 

Usually if I wait as long as I did to put plants in the ground, they die...and I was so surprised these [Chrysogonum] did well in the mail, were so healthy, and able to survive my laziness to get them in the ground! Great plants! Excited to see them get bigger. Take Care! April O., NC 

John - I just want to tell you I was so pleased with my order of Liriope 'Silver Midget' that I've decided to order another batch. Thank you so much... also, your personalized note was a nice touch. Take care, Mariano P., VA 

Just a note to thank you for the very quick delivery of my hay-scented fern rhizomes. Thanks to your online instructions, they are in the ground. Jon C., MD 

How nice of you to send me a personal note...no one seems to do that anymore. The weather guard arrived promptly and I put it on the bird feeder immediately: it is doing a great job keeping off the rain and sheltering all the junkos, finches, pine siskins and chickadees, so everyone is happy. The shipping adjustment posted right away and I so appreciate that: some companies just charge a higher shipping fee and keep the extra $, so you are one in a million these days. I will certainly purchase from you again and will give your company and name to my friends. Judy R., CA 

Thanks John! Your first shipment of Phlox were the best live plants I've every purchased online. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been disappointed by other nursery's... receiving dead, dying plants and/or much plants much smaller than advertized. As soon as your first shipment arrived I knew I was safe to order from you again. Great Service! This weekend we're going to do a design layout, we may end up having to even more ;-) Chuck L., NC. 

LOVE your plants! Margaret J., NC. 

I have never gotten such healthy plants before. I am so pleased with all aspects. Elizabeth F., MD

Hello and thank you again. This morning, I planted all eight ruby stellas and wish to thank you again for the healthy plants. They are treasures worth more than gold to me. Thank you for your kindness. Joyce M., TX

Thank you so very much. We ordered from you last year and the phlox are doing so well we love them! Jessica W., WV 

I was pleased with the 60 liriope plants. They were shipped in a timely manner and packaged very well. THANK YOU. Doyle M., MO 

What a pleasant card you sent! I'm happy to return to knowledgeable professionals like you for my occasional garden needs! The daylilies were just delivered to me, and I opened the box finding them no worse for the journey they endured. I shall get them in the ground in the cool of tomorrow morning. ...Thank you for everything and HAPPY GARDENING! Joyce M., TX

Big big thank you John. Finished up with your last shipment and thanks to your generosity it's finally done. Don't know what possessed me down this road but I think it's going to be a big improvement over what was once a grass island. Removed the grass. Tilled the soil. Brought in mounds of dirt and then the exhausting never ending plantings. Thank you ever so much. Couldn't have done it without your support. Kindest regards, Peggy F., MN

Wow that really made me feel special getting a personal THANK YOU card. Thanx! ...I have a HUGE rectangular garden, with a round center that has creeping red sedum surrounding a bird bath. In the two squares on either side of the circle are my plumbagos. The garden is bricked in, so they can't spread anywhere but in the garden. ...I have them as a main focal point, and are in the biggest area of the garden. Next to the fence are purple turtleheads? and yellow daylilies alternately, along with hostas that surround my patio. I'll have to take a picture to show you, but yes! The plumbagos are the main attraction. The bumbles (big black bees) and hummingbirds just love them! Ann I., IL

Thank you so much for this information. I really appreciate your help! I had no idea if you would really respond, and can't get over your promptness. Lindsey B., AL

Received and planted my 72 Asiatic Jasmine yesterday. They were very nice and packed as well as I have ever seen! Courtney L., GA

Thanks for taking care of us John! Excellent communication and fast shipping! Sandra C., OK

Hi, John, I ordered some Blue Georgia Speedwell from you guys and it came today . . . Thanks for such prompt service! I only ordered these just this past weekend! They are already in the ground! Thanks, Sherry M., GA

Beautiful, large plants!! Lightening fast shipping!!! Wendy B., IN

Love the personal touch (letter)!!! My Liriope LOOKS AWESOME!! TY. Timothy A., KY

Thank you. The Asiatic Jasmine came quickly!! Cindy B., TX

The items arrived as described. I appreciated your thoughtful communications! C. P. S., IL

I'm grateful for the "Baker's six" you sent . . . they arrived in exc. health yesterday and are in their dedicated garden spots already. Should I need additional bulbs, you'll be the first vendor on my list. Joyce M., TX

I'm really glad I found your company. It is amazing that a real live person is communicating with me regarding ordering, sales info, and product info. That is so rare! And quick! You have definitely gained a customer, I'm very impressed with customer service. I will order from you in the future and am impressed by your website and professionalism. Your prices are competitive, and I love the selection you offer. Amy J., TX

You sent me such a lovely thank you letter, and I would love to review my purchase but i can't see how to do it. ...let me know how i can leave a review for you because i really LOVE the product and no hassle buying and quick shipping and your thoughtful note too- I really want to pass the good word on!!! Lisa I., CT

NASA ought to shoot you into space because you've got all the right stuff!!! A++. Matt D., TN

I purchased Purple Wintercreeper from you last year..., and planted them mid-August under two lamp posts. Soon after Hurricane Irene struck, these poor things (barely planted 2 weeks) were nearly laid down flat to the soil. I had little time to do much for them given the situation. However, they survived the storm, the winter, and being planted into an area with very poor depth. These are definitely the low-maintenance and rugged plants I hoped for! Thanks for listing and selling them. Janet F., NC

I just want to thank you for your kind response and excellent service. The plants I ordered arrived on Thursday as we hoped. They were very well packaged, and within an hour I had them planted in the front of my house. Now I will do my best to nurture them. Patricia A., NJ

Thanks very much. The package arrived last night. The plants were all alive and well and will be in the ground tonight. Thanks for an extraordinarily pleasant experience. George C., TX

Excellent service. Very healthy plants arrived quickly. Extremely pleased. - Sandra R., TX

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful bulbs you shipped me. Everything arrived as promised, and I am very pleased with my order. - Stan T., CA

The examples of Chrysogonum virginianum were received in good condition. Thank you for the card that you wrote in longhand. I am grateful for being informed of a website where I read a timely article authored by you and also noted a couple of other data about C. virginianum. I also appreciate your attempt to call me. Your service is superior. - Gaylon C., GA

We received our plants, they are beautiful, thank you so much for the great customer service, we will order again. - Brenda W., TN

The plants came in yesterday and they look great! Thank you for being so prompt and reliable. The card was also very nice. - Virginia B., NC

My son-in-law and I were both VERY favorably impressed with the obvious quality of the ferns. We were very pleased with the large size and excellent condition of the root balls. We think you understate the quality of the plants by calling them "bare roots". In fact, he insisted that I send him a link to your site for future use. He had a previous and unsatisfactory experience with another site. Thanks very much for your quality plants and cooperation. - Bob M., IA

I planted the ferns on our creek bank. All 12 are doing great. - Mathew R., GA 

Class act. First time I received a thank you note in mail from a seller! - Robert S., NY 

Thanks for going the extra mile. ...I've thoroughly enjoyed our first experience with goGardenNow. The customer service is superb, the expertise unparalleled. We look forward to doing business with you in the future! - Joe M., PA 

Thank you for the very nice thank you note. Have to say that is the first time I've ever received one for a purchase. You have a very nice website and selection of plant material. - Nate B., WI 

Terrific, as usual. Thank you. - Jean S., NY 

Thank you, John. I spent most of my professional life before retiring in marketing, sales and customer service. Your actions are what I consider legendary customer service. - Paul B., PA 

Hi, John. My mother LOVES her birdbath. In her "world", which is all too swiftly receding to a smaller and smaller place due to her Alzheimer's Disease, it is a focus she enjoys every single day. Her birthday (now long and forever forgotten in her mind) was a perfect day and family celebration of her life. She enjoyed every minute of the party to the fullest. And every day since, she's enjoyed the beauty of the birds who come to see her at her birdbath. You brought so much joy to us...I really wish you could know how much. I will never forget how your kind and conscientious efforts made sure my mother had a perfect birthday. You made the day perfect. ...Thank you again with all my heart. God bless you. - Cathy, CA 

Thank you for your prompt response on our order. It is truly outstanding customer service. My husband and I run our own small business, we are in financial services, so it is always terrific when we find a company that actually still cares about their customers. It is quite difficult to come by these days. I have listed your company in my "Favorites"... I will also spread your name around to our clients. If you want to mail us some cards and material I would be happy to share them with our clients. Thank you for the wonderful sales experience. - Tracy G., NY 

Wow! ...Plants arrived in excellent condition...Larger than I expected.. - Monica H., NC 

Creeping raspberries flew, not crept to me. Arrived in very good condition. - Pam S., GA 

Yea, John!!! Also would love same kind and amount of elephant ears you just sent. They are magnificent! ...Thanks again, Norma - Norma H., TX 

You should be proud of yourself and your high quality and standards. As you can see in my yard, it shows! - Norma H., TX

Fantastic! Great item, speedy shipping, excellent communication. Thanks so much! - Sylvia F., TN

Nicely packaged, promptly shipped, exactly as described. Thank you. - Stephanie C., TX

Great transaction! Plants were wonderful and so very healthy! - John M., IN

Thanks for an easy transaction. Can't wait for them to bloom! - Rose B., GA

Great seller. There was a small hiccup, but this guy made it right. NO PROBLEM. I am impressed. Thank you. - Hank H., IL

John, ...Thank you for your honesty - David M., NH

Its nice to buy from someone trustworthy. - Nicole S., NC

Prompt delivery, great communication. - T. B., NC

A very happy transaction: big, fat, healthy plants well packed and quickly sent. - Stephan D., AR

I do not believe I have had such GREAT communication... Thanks. - Ron W., MO

Great service, excellent follow up with a personal touch, product was great. - Walter C., AL

Hi John: Would you happen to have 20 more of these plants that you sent me? And by the way they are EXCELLENT..the best BR I have ever gotten. Patti G., IL 

Hey guys, thanks for the great shipment. Wintercreeper arrived just like we planned and in "perfect condition". Beautiful plants; they went into the ground the same day that they arrived. I truly look forward to the results. Thanks again and I will recommend your service to everyone. Tim C., IL 

Great Price! Fast shipping! Wonderful experience! The way you want it to be! Linda B., TX.