We Recommend

From time to time we do business with other vendors who supply seeds, plants, tools and soil amendments on the retail level. Here we'll give a shout-out to those whose products and service, in our experience, have been exemplary. We encourage you to check them out for yourself. If you have any complaints, feel free to let us know. FYI, these recommendations are entirely unsolicited.

Seeds and Plants


Rare Seeds (aka Baker Creek Seeds) advertises, "We offer over 1,000 varieties of rare seeds for delicious vegetables, beautiful flowers and fragrant herbs. Heirloom seeds are traditional varieties that have been passed down for generations. These old garden seeds are often more flavorful, fragrant and beautiful than modern types. We offer free heirloom seed catalogs and also free shipping on all orders shipped within the U.S.!" We've purchased unusual heat-tolerant seed varieties that we believe should grow well in our area. Click on the screenshot above or this link to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Tools and Supplies

Johnny's Selected Seeds states, "Our mission is helping families, friends, and communities to feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service. For over 50 years Johnny’s has set the standard for high seed quality, meeting or exceeding federal minimum requirements for germination rates, pathogen testing, and traceability. Johnny's offers field-tested tools and supplies chosen and developed with the organic grower, market gardener, and avid home gardener in mind. We focus on scale-appropriate tools designed to increase efficiency and ergonomics on the small farm." We have not yet purchased seeds from Johnny's, but have purchased growing supplies. Quality and customer service have been excellent. Shipping has been prompt. Click on the screenshot above or this link to Johnny's Selected Seeds.

Vego Garden

Vego Garden advertises, "We’ve put more thought into your garden. Vego’s modular garden beds are a fully considered system, with all the room and features to ensure you’re good to grow. Everyone has the skills to grow their own lush, beautiful garden. We’re committed to giving you all the tools, information and encouragement to help you successfully GIY: grow it yourself." Vego Garden's raised beds are just right for our testing of new plants for potential commercial growing. We've been very satisfied with the quality, service and shipping time. Friends and visitors have been impressed with these beds and have gone on to purchase their own. Click on the screenshot above or this link to Vego Garden.

 Soils and Amendments

 Penn Valley Farms

"Penn Valley Farms manufactures and supplies organic soil mixes, soil amendments, and Aeromaster Humus to farmers, gardeners, and greenhouse operators. Our goal is to bring life to your soil through balanced and natural soil amendments and solutions. We produce a high quality humified compost called Aeromaster Humus that is the foundation for the products we sell. Excellence is our goal. We are dedicated to good stewardship of our land as God has given us and providing high quality products to our customers!" We have purchased their Liquid Humus, Aeromaster Humus and Garden Soil. We've been very pleased with the results. Click on the screenshot above or this link to Penn Valley Farms. Find a Penn Valley Farms dealer near you.