Lidl Launces Insect Burgers

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The current home page (May 22, 2023) for Lidl Grocery Store USA shows delicious photos of grilled salmon and barbeque ribs. YUM! But the low-cost grocery chain is offering something new.

Plantbasednews.org reports, "Lidl Ireland has launched burgers made with soy and insects as part of its My Street Food range."

So much for the luck of the Irish.

The article states, "The burgers cost €2.99 for a pack of two. As well as textured soya flour, they contain 'dried mealworm larvae.' They are simply labeled as 'Insect Burgers' in store. It is not known if the product is a permanent fixture to the menu, or if it is available in other countries. Plant Based News has reached out to Lidl Ireland for clarification. Lidl UK confirmed that it has no plans to stock the burgers.

"In 2020, the EU approved three 'edible' insects for human consumption – including locusts and crickets, as well as mealworms. Earlier this year, a further two insects were approved, and there are said to be eight more awaiting approval. According to the United Nations, the global edible insect market could be worth $6.3 billion (£4.6 billion) by 2030. It’s thought that two billion people around the world already eat them."

Personally, I'll pass if insect burgers ever get this far.

Learn more about Lidl's insect burgers.

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