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Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

There are lots of resources out there for plant lovers like you and me. Though the choices seem overwhelming, they all provide some little nugget of interesting information that I never knew, or hadn't considered in a long time.

There's a new one I think you'll like. It's called Growit! According to the website, "GrowIt! is a mobile app community with a mission to connect, educate, and inspire folks to dig plants. We provide a space for you to ask questions, get plants identified, organize projects, and share photos of your plant babies."

That's not all, of course. But you should go to the Growit! website to learn more. Whether you have a large garden outdoors, or just a single house plant, you'll love it.

You can find the Growit! app in the App Store or Play Store. You'll find lots of great articles, tips, and share with other plant lovers. Whether you feel like a beginner or not, the app is the thing for you. The Growit! resources will be well in hand.

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