How To Plant Asiatic Lily

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Asiatic lily


Happy DIY Home recently published a helpful article, How to Plant Asiatic Lily, by Elizabeth Jones. It will be very helpful for those thinking of growing asiatic lilies for the first time.

Elizabeth wrote, “The asiatic lily is one of the most attractive flowers to grow in a garden. Coming in a range of colors, its large, showy blooms are also a favorite with butterflies. If planted correctly the bulbs will give you pleasure, and your garden color, for many years.

Elizabeth Jones is a pastry chef from South Wales with experience in professional kitchens and artisan bakeries throughout the United Kingdom. Elizabeth can usually be found either in the kitchen or in her garden where she grows organic fruit and vegetables. Elizabeth’s garden is also home to many different species of bird, which she feeds on a daily basis, frogs, chickens and three hedgehogs. Elizabeth is a passionate wildlife gardener and compulsive bird watcher. Aside from Italian food, Elizabeth’s favourite bake is a classic cherry cake. - Jen Reviews

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