You could be inviting snakes

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Corn snake

Neglecting this chore could be an invitation to snakes.

I don't know how it got into the house, nor why. But one day we discovered a corn snake in our sons' bedroom closet. It was a treat for them to be photographed with it over their shoulders. It was not appealing to my wife. After the photo shoot, we released it outdoors.

It reminded me of a similar experience of mine when I was a small child. My dad found a snake in the house. It wasn't so lucky; it perished beneath a shoe brush.

There could be several reasons that a serpent might enter a home, aside from being welcomed as a pet. They might wander in through open doorways while hunting mice, or just for the sake of curiosity. However, if you want to avoid having snakes in your home, check out this article from bestlifeonline.com.

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