The Best Flowers For Bouquets

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flower bouquet with rudbeckia

The best flowers for bouquets?

The National Garden Bureau just published a fine article, The Best Flowers for Homegrown Bouquets. As we know, NGB is one of the best resources for informative and inspiring articles on gardening and flowers. 

The article was written by Melinda Myers, a nationally known gardening expert, TV/radio host, author, columnist & speaker who wrote the article on behalf of Longfield Gardens

Melinda specifically mentions many annuals, bulbs and perennials that make wonderful additions to the cutting garden. All are excellent selections. Of her perennial flower recommendations, we particularly like iris, astilbes, yarrow, echinacea, and mums.

Make this your year to plant a gift garden filled to overflowing with generosity and flowers for sharing.

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