The Annoying Weed That Makes For The Perfect Fertilizer For Your Garden

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House Digest recently reported on this notorious weed. 

"You're constantly pondering how to get rid of dandelions in your lawn and garden beds. Their deep roots embed so far into the ground that they're a literal pain to dig out. Rather than curse their very existence or dump their hacked remains onto your compost pile, where they're liable to spread, why not turn them into a healthy beverage for your plants? Compost tea, weed tea, fertilizer tea ... whatever you prefer to call it, is made of dandelions soaked in a bucket of water until they turn into a slurry. It might not seem tasty to humans, but flora feast on the nutrients — everything from essentials like potassium to micronutrients like zinc — released into the liquid as the dandelion plant breaks down."

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