Some L.A.-area celebrities have been using way too much water amid drought restrictions

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CBS News - Los Angeles reports "Some A-list celebrities with multimillion dollar mansions in and around the city of Calabasas in Los Angeles County are on a water budget like every other house in the local water district, but a CBS Los Angeles investigation found that many of them have been going over their allotted amount."

"...the water district serves about 75,000 residents and relies on a water supply that's dangerously low. The district covers the sprawling hills of multimillion dollar mansions in the western part of the county. 

"According to water district public records obtained by CBS L.A., some celebrities aren't abiding by the rules everyone is supposed to follow."

Really? You coulda knocked me over with a feather.

The report continues, "'For those customers who are very affluent and have lots of ... cash, financial penalties don't necessarily work,' McDermott said. 'We don't think you can just buy your way out of the drought. Everyone needs to do their part. This is very serious.'" 

So the authorities have another way of restricting their water use!

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