Scientists mindblown after discovering underground ant city 'equivalent to the Great Wall of China'

Posted by John Marshall on

Upworthy reports, "In 2012, scientists found a sophisticated underground ant city that was once home to millions of insects, later captured in the documentary "Ants: Nature's Secret Power." The massive underground roadways, pathways and gardens of the deserted megalopolis were unearthed in Brazil. One of the largest ant colonies in the world is thought to have existed there, according to DailyMail. The enormous network of tunnels in Brazil previously housed leafcutter ants. These leaf-chewing organisms are the second most complex communities on Earth, after humans. Before starting her colony, an ant queen gathers 300 million sperm from males. Her spawn will then start building and gathering vegetation; their function and part in the ant society will depend on their size. The ant colony, which has been called a "superorganism" for the way it organizes itself, undertook the Herculean task of building its enormous house. But no one is certain exactly when this leafcutter colony disappeared or what killed them."

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