Renewable energy in the form of biodiesel and bioethanol leads to ecological disaster.

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Did you know that biofuel production threatens ecological disaster? Biofuel contributes about one-half of one percent of all global energy. There are now an estimated 300,000 square miles of biofuel plantations on the planet. Palm oil comes from the jungles of Borneo and the Pacific Islands to produce biodiesel. Sugar cane and corn are grown from the rainforests of the Amazon to the American Midwest to produce bioethanol. More jungle is burned and wildlife habitat eliminated for "renewable energy" than we imagine. Does this make sense?

According to Edward Ring, contributing editor and senior fellow with the California Policy Center, "The environmental catastrophe that large-scale biofuel production represents is easily demonstrated. If you replaced 100 percent of the oil consumed worldwide with biofuel, it would require 25 million square miles. To put this in perspective, the total farmland worldwide is only 12 million square miles. Yet, in a barefaced and epic charade, every time these jungles burn, another European commodities broker gets to collect a commission on a “carbon credit.”

"Imagine if not just oil, but all energy produced on earth today came from biofuel. To accomplish that would require 43 million square miles, which is 70 percent of the entire land surface on Earth including Antarctica."

"...Meanwhile, rainforests burn, supposedly so we can use less fossil fuel."

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