NEWS FLASH - Yard work is good for you.

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 Lawn mower in green grass


OnePoll – a polling firm – studied 2000 homeowners in the U.K. on behalf of Draper Tools. They discovered that yard work burns calories and can help you lose weight, along with other health benefits! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

Kev Smith of Draper Tools noted: “Many of us have been trying out new home workouts recently but you could argue DIY and gardening can be just as effective at helping keep us active and healthy.

“The amount burnt during a typical year is the equivalent of burning 349 Mars bars or 312 Big Macs – that’s a lot of food.”

Thank God this wasn’t taxpayer funded, though it could’ve easily been.

You’re probably not surprised, either. But if you want to dig into the data, you can read it here:


Kev Smith also noted, “as with more traditional exercise, it’s important not to overdo it and to take regular breaks.” Since it feels like 100 degrees F. outdoors, I think I’ll sit here in my comfy chair to ponder that for a long while.

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