Gardener shares simple hack for using aspirin to improve plant health.

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Yahoo News reported, "Asprin (sic) is a valuable tool in improving a plant’s immune system because the pharmaceutical contains acetylsalicylic acid, which is chemically similar to the salicylic acid naturally found in plants. Plants release this compound to protect themselves from pathogens, so applying the diluted aspirin to the plant is a way to boost its immune response.

"Several research bodies, including the United States Department of Agriculture, have studied the efficacy of aspirin in boosting plant immunity. The agency’s study of a group of tomato plants treated with salicylic acid revealed that a phytoplasma pathogen was present in 94% of the untreated plants and only 47% of the treated plants.

"The study’s researchers 'credit salicylic acid with triggering systemic acquired resistance, a kind of general readiness state that primes plant defenses against pending microbial or insect attack.'”

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