EPA requires agricultural advisement on the popular growth amendment.

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An article from Planet Natural Research Center reports, "EPA requires agricultural advisement on the popular growth amendment.

"Gardeners have been using kelp and seaweed extracts for years, outdoors and in. The results are well-known. Seaweed is a tonic for plants at all stages, stimulating root growth, aiding chlorophyll production, invigorating cuttings and bare root starts. It delivers small amounts of nitrogen, potash and phosphorus and contains a wide spectrum of trace minerals in a form that plants can use. It contains other nutrients, including plant hormones and amino acids.

"In the last couple years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has looked at some kelp and seaweed fertilizers and decided that they should fall under one of two categories. It’s either a plant growth 'regulator' (PGR) or a plant 'vitamin hormone.' As a plant growth regulator, seaweed must be put through a lengthy process that includes long and expensive testing. As a plant hormone, it must carry an EPA-approved statement that says it is not approved for use on food crops. It also requires careful labeling. No fruit or vegetables, say a tomato, can be pictured on the label. That would be a violation of EPA rules and would carry a stiff fine."

Read more about this EPA regulation on kelp extract.

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