Crops sprayed with 'barcoded' spores could end up on your plate.

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An article appearing in NewScientist.com revealed that "Crops sprayed with 'barcoded' spores could help trace food poisoning."

"Spraying crops with bacterial or yeast spores that have unique DNA “barcodes” would make food safer by allowing the source of food poisoning to be rapidly identified, says a team at Harvard University. The group has genetically engineered the organisms, developed a rapid test for them and shown that the spores – which are inert and harmless – persist and remain detectable, even on cooked food."

Foods could be tracked from farm to your fork. What else could these traceable organisms be used for?

As usual, genetically engineered organisms are declared to be safe. But, really now. Would you want to eat these? What do you think?

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