These items aren’t recyclable?

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Yahoo News shared this article from Ideal Home: "We just found out these items aren’t recyclable - have you been making the same mistakes?"

"Have you ever thrown something you weren’t quite sure about in the recycling bin in the hopes that it’s recyclable? Of course you have, we are guilty of it too, we all have done that at some point. Unless, of course, you’re a recycling expert, well-educated on the subject. This is what’s called wishcycling or aspirational recycling.

"And while it usually comes from a good place, unfortunately, this action does more damage than good. Actually, it only does damage, no good. Sorry to be the one to break it to you. We mean well but it’s time to stop and educate ourselves about what we’re doing wrong so that we can correct our recycling mistakes and find ways to recycle in style. Our experts explain exactly why wishcycling is damaging, what are some of the most commonly mis-recycled items and what to do with them instead."

Learn more about recycling mistakes.

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