The Toxic Perennial You Don't Want To See In Your Yard

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House Digest reported, "Although some poisonous plants may look beautiful in your garden, you don't want to leave them in place, as you could put children or pets in danger of ingesting them. One such plant is pokeweed. It produces rich, purple-colored berries that look like clusters of grapes. However, eating a handful of these berries can make a child very sick. Though some people may cook the leaves, stems, and roots of the pokeweed for medicinal reasons, improper preparation of these parts of the plant can result in serious illness. The best option is to destroy this scary weed right away whenever you see it in your garden."

My father was an herbalist and ate pokeweed, not for medicinal reasons but for food. He'd sometimes roam about the farm and harvest the young, tender shoots and leaves for dinner. Of course, there is a risk if you don't know what you're doing. The best option, in my opinion, is to learn what to do and do it right.

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