The Arch-nemesis Of Homeowners

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Ggg lawn fungus could be considered the arch-nemesis of homeowners and golf course managers alike.

 Texas A&M AgriLife Extension says, "If you’ve been noticing brown patches in your lawn lately, it’s most likely infected by the pathogen commonly known as Take All Patch. Take All Patch is caused by the soil-borne fungus Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis, or as we like to call it here in the lab, “Ggg”. The season of Ggg is upon us and we have been receiving lots of grass samples in the lab that are positive for this pesky fungus. It attacks the root systems of St. Augustinegrass and bermudagrass, and causes dead patches in the turf that may continue to grow if uncontrolled."

Since a lot of us grow St. Augustinegrass or bermudagrass in our lawns, this article should be of interest. If You Have Grass, Read This!

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