More US cities and towns are slapping limits — or even bans — on gas-powered garden tools to fight pollution and noise

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Business Insider reports, "More municipalities are looking to place limits or even bans on some gas-powered garden tools. Outsized pollution and noise from devices like gas-powered leaf blowers are driving the efforts. Pollution from using a commercial leaf blower for one hour equals driving a small car 1,100 miles.

"With summer heating up, so too are the instruments of tidy lawns. Increasingly, these totems of suburbia are electric. That's in part because more than 150 municipalities across the US now limit or prohibit the use of gas-powered leaf blowers, which produce an outsize amount of pollution and a din that can ruin even the nicest of summer days.

"There's more action to come. California next year will ban the sale of new gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers, among other equipment, though the state will still allow existing devices to be used."

Learn more about bans on gas-powered garden tools.

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