Bounty offered on invasive Bradford pear trees in some states

Posted by John Marshall on

As you've read here before, the Pyrus calleryana (Bradford pear and its iterations) was introduced by the USDA decades ago as a desirable ornamental tree. OOPS, they did it again. As it turns out, the USDA made another big mistake. Now some states are trying to eradicate it, even offering rewards for the public spirited persons who help.

"The Lexington [SC] Soil & Water Conservation District has teamed up with the Clemson Extension and The South Carolina Forestry Commission to launch the “Bradford Pear Bounty” program, through which property owners have the opportunity to exchange up to five Bradford pear trees for an equal number of free, native, young replacement trees." Read the details here.

A similar program has been started in North Carolina. Read about it here.

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