After The Storm - Insects In Your Garden

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 Hurricane aerial view

The good and bad of it

When Hurricane Irma blew through the Southeast in 2017, the region’s agriculture was affected in various ways. Ayanava Majumdar, Extension entomologist for the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, pointed out that the storm could have unexpected consequences for farmers. It stands to reason that not only farmers would be affected, but gardeners, as well.

Among them, Majumdar observed that storms can dislodge pests from plants making them vulnerable to their predators. It’s the old story of the predator becoming the prey. Not only that, wet conditions encourage pathogens that can infect the non-beneficial insects to sicken and kill them. That’s good. However, the same conditions that encourage insect-infecting pathogens encourage plant pathogens with similar effects on your plants. That’s bad.

Strong winds can blow insects for remarkably long distances far away from your garden. That’s good. But the winds can also displace some from far away into your neighborhood. That’s bad.

What might they be? It’s anyone’s guess. But, Majumdar advised growers to inspect their plants for unusual insect visitors. If they spot any, they should make notes, and even take pictures to show to an Extension agent. Doing so will help the agent advise the best course of action.



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