Mazus 'Alba' - 3.5 inch Pots (Minimum Quantity: 25 Plants)

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Mazus 'Alba' is a versatile, easy-care ground cover that thrives in moist soils and produces profuse white blooms. This perennial is perfect for planting in 3.5 inch pots, with a minimum order quantity of 25 plants. Enjoy beautiful summer blooms and low maintenance care with Mazus 'Alba'!

Mazus 'Alba' has rich, green leaves and forms a low, dense mat. Foliage is evergreen in warmer climates to semi-evergreen in cooler zones. Small, white flowers bloom from spring to summer.These are fantastic for "white gardens" and "moon gardens", or in combination with other colors. Mazus is a ground cover solution for any size area.

Name(s): Mazus reptans 'Alba'.

Flower Color: White.

Bloom Time: Spring to summer.

Foliage: Evergreen to semi-evergreen.

Height/Spread: 2 inches x 12 inches.

Climate Zones: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade.

Soil Condition: Moist, well-drained, pH 6.0 to 8.5.

Features: Tolerates some foot traffic.

Uses: Ground cover.

Comments: Mature height is 2 inches. It spreads rapidly to 12 inches.

Mazus prefers full sun to partial shade in USDA climate zones 4 to 9. Soil pH may range from 6.0 to 8.5. Space approximately 12 inches apart.

Mazus tolerates some foot traffic, so it's perfect around patios and between stepping stones.

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