Asiatic Jasmine - Bare Root Plants (Minimum Quantity: 50 Plants)

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Asiatic Jasmine is slow to climb, making it a fine ground cover vine. Its dense mat of dark evergreen leaves make it very desirable for ground cover and borders in warmer climates. It can be neatly edged for a manicured appearance. Asiatic Jasmine thrives in sun or shade, suppresses weeds, and resists hungry deer. Bare root plants offer an economical way to cover large areas.

Name(s): Trachelospermum asiaticum, Asiatic jasmine.

Flower Color: White.

Bloom Time: Late spring to mid-summer.

Foliage: Evergreen, glossy, leathery.

Height/Spread: 6 inches to 24 inches x 12 feet.

Climate Zones: 7, 8, 9.

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Sun Exposure: Full sun to full shade.

Soil Condition: Well-drained to dry, average to poor, pH 6.1 to 7.8.

Features: Drought tolerant when established, deer resistant, fragrant.

Uses: Xeriscaping, massed planting, ground cover, borders.

Comments: Trachelospermum asiaticum, also known as Asiatic jasmine, is closely related to Confederate Jasmine. Asiatic jasmine, however, is reluctant to climb, making it an ideal ground cover vine. It forms a very dense carpet. Dark evergreen leaves are about 1 inches to 2 inches, leathery and glossy. Insignificant white flowers seldom appear when growing prostrate. Mature height is 6 inches to 24 inches. If it does climb, it may reach 12 feet in height.

Trachelospermum asiaticum thrives in full sun to full shade in USDA climate zones 7 to 9, and tolerates a wide variety of soil types.

Asiatic jasmine is drought tolerant and deer resistant, perfect for ground cover and borders.

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