Thyme Ground Cover

Thyme has been highly valued and used by western civilizations since the ancient Greeks. 

It has been used for incense, fumigation, anti-depressant, pest repellant, vermifuge, antiseptic, antifungal agent, mouthwash, treatment for skin infections and bronchial disorders, and flavoring. Thyme is a healthful flavoring, containing antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Thyme has small, soft, aromatic leaves. Diminutive lavender flowers are produced throughout the growing season.

Most species are low-growing and spreading, so they are wonderful as ground covers planted near stepping stones. Thyme tolerates some foot traffic, so can used as a lawn substitute. Herb gardens, fragrance gardens, hummingbird and butterfly gardens are not complete without thyme. Bees produce excellent honey from thyme. Thyme is drought-tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant.

Where ever you plant it, you'll find yourself looking for recipes that include thyme. It can be used in recipes fresh or dry, and is marvelous as an ingredient in aromatic cooking oils.