Trumpet Vine Bare Root Plants (Minimum Quantity: 25 Plants)

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Trumpet Vine is a climbing deciduous vine native to the southern United States. Large, eye-popping bright yellow, orange to red trumpet-shaped flowers appear from mid-summer to fall. The flowers are exceptionally attractive to hummingbirds. 

Name(s): Campsis radicans, Tecoma radicans, Bignonia radicans, Trumpet Vine, Trumpet Creeper, Cow-Itch Vine.

Flower Color: Orange, red, yellow.

Bloom Time: Early summer to fall.

Foliage: Herbaceous.

Height/Spread: 12 inches when prostrate, climbing to 40 feet.

Climate Zones: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade.

Soil Condition: Well-drained to dry, average to poor, pH 6.1 to 7.8.

Features: Drought tolerant, heat-loving, attracts hummingbirds and orioles, effective naturalized ground cover.

Uses: Xeriscaping, trellises, naturalizing, erosion control, hummingbird gardens.

Comments: Foliage of Trumpet Creeper is pinnately compound, meaning that each leaf, up to 12 inches long, has leaflets that grow off to the side of the stem. Vines will climb anything up to 40 feet high.

Campsis radicans, Tecoma radicans, Bignonia radicans is cold-hardy in USDA climate zones 4 through 10. It flowers best in full sun, but will grow in full sun or shade in well-drained soil with average to poor fertility. If planted in shade, it will find something to climb and keep going until it enjoys sunlight. Plants are drought tolerant when established, and heat-loving.

Trumpet Creeper is a hummingbird magnet. The swift flying jewels are attracted to the nectar, and the bright colored flowers flag them in. Not only hummingbirds, but orioles are also drawn to them.

Trumpet Creeper can be effective as a ground cover for erosion control in large areas, but it needs room to grow. If allowed to grow as a ground cover, it will certainly do so, but will climb the first chance it gets.

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